Gambia Climate

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Gambia has two main seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season starts about July through to September, you can still travel to Gambia then as most rainfall is during the night with the odd shower occasionally during the day. The best and most common times for UK tourists is from late October though to June, with long uninterrupted days of sunshine.

Temparatures in The Gambia

The dry season’s temperatures during the day can reach a scorching 40* and although the temperatures in the rainy season don’t change dramatically, you will notice a big change a night time, the temperatures in the dry season at night can fall dramatically however it is still warm enough for a t shirt or cotton dress, this is due to the drop in humidity during our winter months. Unlike the rainy season where the rains fall, the sun shines and the humidity rises. With humidity comes the mosquitoes, so be aware of that, however with humidity comes butterflies and wild flowers that you will never see at any other time of year, simply stunning.

For a winter sun destination, there is no better destination than the Gambia, uninterrupted sun, rain is unheard of and up to 10 hours of sunshine per day, and an average temperature of 30*. However many people prefer the quieter time during our summer, where the land is transformed into lush green and flowering colourful flora and forna.


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