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Posted on March 8, 2012 by Joanna Baker under gambia news

The Dalasi is the main Gambian Currency, and as with all currency, the rate will fluctuate on a daily basis. On average you should receive approximately 47 Dalasi to £1 British pound, but this does go up and down throughout the season.

Euro’s, Stirling, Us Dollars and of course travellers cheques are widely accepted in the hotels and you do get a better rate of exchange using notes, also you will get a better exchange rate in The Gambia, so only change a small amount to last a couple of days.

The smallest note is the D5, increasing up to the D100, many market traders and small shops do not hold small change, so make sure you have enough smaller notes to pay for the cheaper things you may purchase.

Many of the larger hotels and restaurants will accept credit cards but be very wary as many charge silly amounts of commission when using them. Debit cards may be used in cash machines at local banks where there is a cash machine but are not recognised at hotels or restaurants. We don’t recommend using plastic, unless absolutely necessary, the Gambians have not really moved with the times on this area.


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