All Italiana Restaurant

The All Italiana Restaurant is located in the Senegambia area in Kololi in the Northern Kombos region of Gambia, close to the Senegambia and Kairaba Hotels. There is an extensive menu of breakfasts, lunches and snacks throughout the day. All Italiana Restaurant serves all day English breakfast which consists of sausage, egg, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms served with toast. There is a good selection of freshly made toasties with a variety of fillings, fish and chips made with fresh fish caught locally, beefburgers and other snacks. There is also an extensive Dutch menu available. All Italiana Restaurant is well known for its excellent Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza. Meals are served indoors or guests can choose to dine outside in the sunshine or beneath the stars. As well as a great restaurant there is also a bar, serving fine wines and beers.

The Senegambia area of Kololi is at the heart of the holiday resort region of Gambia with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants as well as several lively night clubs. With a range of European, West African, traditional Gambian and reggae music on offer, there is something for every one. Clubs in Gambia usually do not open until around midnight and stay open until 4 or 5 in the morning. Many have live bands playing each night while others have featured guests at the weekends. Within walking distance of the All Italiana Restaurant and Bar lies the Bijilo Forest Park, a small rainforest nature reserve which is situated on a cliff top just next to Kololi. Only 10 minutes from the restaurant, it is a great place to enjoy a lush, green area which is an ancient forest and now measures 126 acres. Over 23,000 visitors come to Bijilo Forest Park each year, helping to preserve the Rhun Palms which once lined the majority of Gambian coastline but which were removed in order to develop properties. The Green Monkeys who reside here once were in danger of disappearing due to deforestation but now have this wonderful habitat in which to live. There are more than 133 species of birds living in the forest, including the Red Necked Falcon, many varieties of Bee-eater, Prinia and Grey Hornbill. In addition, there are 4 varieties of primate inhabiting the area including the Patas Monkey, Green Vervet Monkey, Red Colobus and Galagos (or Bushbaby). Visitors are asked not to feed the animals to prevent them becoming tame and thus in danger of being harmed. Some beautiful plants and trees can be seen in the forest including wild orchids, lilies, Silk Cotton Trees, salt tolerant vines, Rhun Palms and Baobab trees which are also known as upside down trees as they look as though their roots are at the top of the tree. The Bijilo Forest Park can be reached by foot or bike from the Senegambia beach area or by heading south from the strip.

Only a few miles from Kololi is Gambia's capital city, Banjul. This is a commercial centre which focuses on its docks. The port is small, although it is a gateway for exports and imports. Close to the docks is Banjul's shopping district where trading is informal, shops being rather like market stalls and crammed full of sellers from around the globe. There are Gambian and Guinean tailors here who frequently work their sewing machines on the pavements. The architecture in Banjul is an eclectic mix of kirinting houses with bamboo woven walls daubed with plaster and timber houses. There are a variety of birdwatching habitats around Banjul with a possible sighting of over 100 birds. The mangroves and tidal mudflats in the River Gambia estuary are where several wrecked and rusting ships are home to pelicans and cormorants. Low tide brings populations of terns, herons, waders and gulls. To the the east is a stretch of reclaimed land including mangrove and here you may see Little Grebs, Senegal Thick Knee and Black Headed Plovers.

There are many excursions available to visitors, taking them inland on pirogues along the River Gambia, which is rich in wild life. James Island is a popular place to visit and was the holding place for slaves before they were shipped overseas. Many visitors wishing to experience a taste of real Gambia head inland to one of the many ecotourist bush camps which are located next to the river or use these locations as stop off points on the long journey to Senegal. Independent travellers can hire a car at Banjul Airport or via larger hotels. Bicycle hire is also available from many hotels and is a great form of transport for exploring the immediate vicinity and beaches. Taxis are inexpensive and readily available in all the resorts.

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