The Avacado Restaurant

The Coconut residence is a five star luxury complex offering accommodation in forty suites and four villas set in opulent surroundings. Amid exotic gardens, the hotel is finished to an exceptionally high standard with architecture that hints at a touch of the Islamic. Animal prints remind the visitor that they are in Africa.

The Avocado is the resort's lavish restaurant, which serves food all day. Decorated in a style that continues with the touch of Islamic influence, its cool primrose walls and white pillars give touches of elegance, while the trendy black wood tables and rattan cane chairs bring a modern touch to surroundings. African furniture lines the walls and the lighting comes from Moorish style lanterns. Starting the day with a champagne breakfast, the culinary experience continues throughout the day with a full range of international cuisine from the chefs de cuisine. Mediterranean, French, Indonesian and Gambian fare finds its way onto the plate of the lucky diner here. Established as a premier place to dine, the restaurant entertains regular clients as well as the hotel guests. The choice of dining by the luxurious floodlit pool or eating in the cooler comfort of the air conditioned interior is a small one, the real choice is what to order from the mouth-watering menu.

Set in tropical gardens the Avocado offers food prepared only from fresh ingredients and offers daily chef's "specials". A personal touch is provided by the fact that all the herbs and vegetables used are grown in the grounds of the hotel itself, so fresh really does mean fresh; the fish is from the daily fisherman's catch. A selection of world class wines is available to wash down your meal, along with a selection of premier beers and spirits. Breakfast at the Avocado consists of a huge choice consisting of everything from freshly cooked omelettes to fruit picked in the garden that morning.

The quality of the service at the Avocado is second to none and the finishing touches of crystal glasses and silver service make it a truly memorable dining experience.

The Avocados reputation is far flung and you will hear it recommended in many places throughout the Gambia. The three international chefs will offer you a wide range of meals to choose from, including Gambian specialities. These may include:

As a nation Gambia has a few traditions when it comes to time spent at the table. Although this may not affect the traveller staying in a luxury resort, it is still useful information.

Gambia is a Muslim country so dress should be respectful when in public places away from the beaches and pools. The dining room is no exception and this still applies within the confines of your hotel. Try to avoid skimpy clothing showing too much bare flesh; cool, loose, clothing with legs and sleeves is a better option. The blessing before eating is "Bismillah" (an idiom for in 'the name of Allah') and when food is ready you will be called with the phrase "Key Len Nu Rear". Many Muslim cultures use only the right hand for eating, this practice is not so strictly adhered to in a restaurant but you may see Gambians eating only with their right hand even here. You probably won't encounter many Gambians eating out as the majority do not drink (being against their religious beliefs) and prefer to entertain at home. Refusing food is frowned upon in Gambia, so even if you are not hungry attempting a few mouthfuls will be approved of. If you do decide not to eat, it is considered rude to sit and watch others eating and you should move away to another area. Eating in Gambia is carried out in silence; the table chatter of other countries is not looked upon well here. After you have a finished a belch is considered a sign of approval of the food. When you have finished your meal it is customary to leave the table even if others have finished and wash your hands.

All hotels and restaurants in Gambia have a ten percent service charge added to the cost of your meal, so tipping is optional. But as a good deal of that percentage does not find its way back to the person serving you, a small show of appreciation would be well received.

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