Browns Pizza and Deli

'Brown's Pizza and Deli' is located in Brusubi and can be reached by heading from the Senegambia junction up to the Brusubi turntable. It can be found on the right and is directly next door to the Task Crown Mini Market. 'Brown's Pizza and Deli' boasts an amazing array of handmade pizzas with traditional toppings. Customers can request vegetarian or fresh meat varieties according to taste. In addition to a large range of pizza, the restaurant also serves delicious salads and subs, using the finest ingredients available. Brusubi lies between the 3 popular resorts of Brufut, Sukuta and Bijilo and is close to the Senegambia region and near the coast. Situated in the Southern Kombos region and south west of the tourist resorts of the Northern Kombos, the stunning beaches start to have a feel of the real Gambia, with attractive fishing pirogues bobbing off shore, brightly painted in white with bold colours of geometric patterns in primary colours. Along Brufut beach, the fishermen bring their boats up on to the sand at low tide and can be seen mending their fishing nets while the women sort through their haul of fish. The beaches are relatively quiet and a steep path leads up to the cliffs where the holy site of Senneh-Mentering is located, incense often burns in the breeze and local people visit to seek cures and to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. 3km further south-west of Senneh-Mentering is Tanji beach, a large fishing centre. There are excursions to Tanji for tourists to enjoy birdwatching and the aromas coming from the large sheds which are smoke houses used for preserving the locally caught Bonga fish. South of Tanji is Tujering beach which is often deserted except for a few herdsman bringing their cattle to lick the salt from the beach rocks. Around the corner is Sanyang beach or Paradise beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Gambia, with a stretch of pale sand backed by a line of coconut palms. There are several beach bars and a lively fishing centre and behind the beach is the fish market. Gunjur beach is 10km further south with a large seafront where Senegalese fishing pirogues can be seen.

Brufut is home to many Mandinka farmers and close by is the 'Tanji River Bird Reserve' where gulls, waders and terns roost or feed in the lagoons at the mouth of the river. Royal and Lesser Crested Terns and White Fronted Plover are common in the area. The habitat is varied and includes mangroves, lily pools, salt flats, woodland and scrub woodland as well as duns and lagoons. Over 300 species of bird have been spotted here. Only 1.5km from Brufut and Tanji are the Bijol Islands, also known as the Kajonyi Islands, these are the only offshore islands in the country. They are part of the bird reserve and are a breeding ground for Green Turtles, rare Mediterranean Monk Seals, Minke Whales, Atlantic Humpback Dolphins and Bottle Nose Dolphins There is no access to the islands although there are boat trips which are organised by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management several times each month and which leave from Brufut or Tanji.

Tanji is 12km south west of Kololi, along the coastal highway and can easily be reached by bike or car. The coastal village is popular with tourists and is included in many excursions. There is a village museum in Tanji with a small collection of traditional artefacts as well as an education centre where visitors can play musical instruments. Visitors can also follow a nature trail if they want to stretch their legs a little. Weavers and blacksmiths create their traditional crafts here. There is a family compound where visitors can see how a traditional Mandinka family lives and the roles family members play. The museum has a 'Bantaba Bar' and gift shop where visitors can buy unusual gifts that are not available in the tourist markets, such as warri boards. Warri is an ancient African game for two people, played with seeds or pebbles.

The Southern Kombos can easily be reached by taxi or bush taxi and are only a few minutes drive from the tourist resorts. Car hire is available in the major resorts and at Banjul Airport. Bike hire is available from outside many larger hotels and cycling is a great way to explore the side roads along the way as well as the paths leading down to the quiet beaches. A visit to the region is highly recommended for those wishing to get a feel for the real Gambia.

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