Chosaan Bar and Restaurant

The Chosaan Bar and Restaurant offers a real taste of Africa. It is located on the Senegambia strip in the heart of the vibrant resort, where it has fast become a very popular night spot with both holiday makers and Gambians alike. Chosaan Bar and Restaurant offers not only great food and superb coffee but an excellent service as well. With music and dance performances occurring on a regular basis, it is a common sight to see guests joining in and audience participation is actively encouraged. Located in the Kololi / Bakau resort which is popular with tourists, the Chosaan offers genuine Gambian food. Gambia's largest agricultural export is groundnuts and so it is no wonder that peanuts are a staple in Gambia's diet. Typical Gambian dishes include Gambian Peanut Butter Stew or Domoda which is made using onions, lemons, tomatoes, pumpkin and chicken, slowly cooked and served with rice. It is also called Duranko in Mandinka and Mafe by the Wollofs. Gambian Okra Stew is another favourite dish, also known as Superkanja and this is made with beef, smoked fish and okra. Fresh seafood features highly on all menus as it is so easily accessible from local fishermen on a daily basis. Tourists can approach fishermen who sell their catch on the beaches and choose their own fish to be prepared and taken to local restaurants where they will happily cook it and serve with rice. Jollof rice is found in nearly every restaurant and cafe in Gambia and consists of rice cooked with fresh fish, cabbage, onions and tomatoes. Gambians enjoy Chere which is a type of millet based dish cooked with peanuts, dried fish and okra.

The Chosaan Bar and Restaurant is ideally located for the beach at Kololi, one of the most popular resorts along the Gambian coast. This is the area that is described as the heart of the tourist industry with many hotels and bars as well as two casinos that are open well into the early hours. There are also plenty of clubs and bars that stay open late, as well as shops, banks and internet cafes. Kololi beach can be found just outside the Senegambia and Kairaba Hotels and consists of a wide stretch of sand which leads down to the Atlantic Sea. Kololi is a curious mix of low rise hotels and quaint guest houses dotted along the Senegambia strip. Just a couple of miles inland lies Kololi village where visitors can get a feel for the real Gambian way of life. Only 8 miles from the airport, Kololi is west of the capital city of Banjul and south of the towns of Kotu, Fajara and Bakau.

There is a small nature reserve, Bijilo Forest Park, to be found in Kololi, with beautiful indigenous palm trees and Red Colobus and Vervet Monkeys. Down a sandy pathway on the edge of Kololi, can be found the independently run Village Gallery with fascinating photos of Gambian life taken by local people. Kololi borders the village of Bakau which has many small and dusty roads that lead to the genuine Gambia. Here the visitor can enjoy a trip around the famous and popular Kachikally Crocodile pool. There is also a permanent craft market to be found in Bakau where visitors can buy handmade beads, leather goods, batik fabrics as well as jewellery. They can also purchase the small drums seen and heard everywhere and it is even possible to have a made to measure suit or item of clothing made by hand. There is a fruit and vegetable market as well as a fish market in Bakau, so the local restaurants such as the Chosaan Bar and Restaurant can guarantee fresh produce on their menu. Along this part of the coast the landscape is dramatic with red cliffs which are interspersed by small beaches.

The climate is perfect for winter holidays between November and March and Gambia is popular with visitors from the UK and Europe. There are so many fascinating places close to the Chosaan Bar and Restaurant just waiting to be explored. By heading down to Tanji visitors can admire the brightly painted boats as they come ashore and there are plenty of unspoilt and secluded beaches close to the Senegal border, such as Gunjur, Sanyang and Kartong. There are many organised trips to enjoy including the very popular visit to James Island, a moving experience for many as this is where slaves used to be held before being shipped off to the Caribbean islands.

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