The Green Mamba Garden Restaurant

Whilst holidaying in Banjul, Gambia - if you want to experience a completely different and totally unique eatery, then a visit to the Green Mamba Garden restaurant is a must. It offers an extensive menu consisting of Mongolian-Wok and Gambian dishes served with their secret recipe sauces.

The Green Mamba has restricted seating for dining and therefore pre-booking is highly recommended. Although, should you not have the opportunity to do so, do not let that put you off. It is well worth a visit. They are however a little off the beaten track. Just before the Senegambia hotel, take the road to the right and it is situated about 40 metres along the road. You can pre-book by telephoning 880 0717, or if you prefer to contact them in writing, then you can via PO Box 464, Banjul, West Africa.

The Green Mamba's seating arrangements are set under scenic grass roof pavilions, consisting of benches and tables which are very artistically designed and hand carved, along with sculptures and wooden artworks. The overall atmosphere is very calm and exotic.

The Green Mamba has several seating areas. There is a bar area, a beer garden and of the course the restaurant eating area. The beer garden was originally created for their own small version of the well known Oktoberfest. This is still held during the summer season. Once or twice a week it opens the beer garden for their open-air movie theatre themed nights, where you can enjoy an after dinner movie, complete with popcorn and cocktails.

The bar area evokes a feeling of a luxurious traditional Gambian Bantaba, which is where villagers of years gone by would traditionally meet to exchange news and chat over a drink in a completely relaxed setting.

The dining pavilions are dotted around the beautiful landscaped gardens, set out as individual dining booths. This, by design, offers a feeling of intimacy and privacy. A location that is perfect for any romantic meal!

The Green Mamba Garden Restaurant owes its origins to the owner's fascination with the Mongolian Grill concept, as he travelled to Asia frequently in the 90s. The Green Mamba Restaurant is the first of its kind in Gambia, offering a unique and yet impressive African-Asian blend of ingredients.

The Mongolian Grills history lies with the era of Genghis Khan in the 13th Century. At nighttime his hungry warriors would meet around their tents and light fires with which to cook slim slices of meat on their shields held over the hot ashes. The Green Mamba Garden Restaurant sets its fire in their local style stove and their chef will let you decide your favourite ingredients and then artistically cook it there and then right in front of you.

On offer is the Oriental Wok Buffet. This is where you are allocated a number tag, whereupon the waiter will come along and briefly explain the concept to you before you take either a tray or bowl and create your very own dish to suit your taste from the huge selection of ingredients available. There is fish, other selections of seafood and meat, along with vegetables. Once you have completed your choice of ingredients, then you choose a sauce to add flavour. Each sauce is labelled with recommendations on the combination and amount to use. Once done, you place your bowl or tray, complete with the numbered tag next to the chef. Be sure to inform the chef if you have any allergies, or are vegetarian, as he will use a specially kept wok for you. After a few moments, the waiter will bring along your freshly cooked meal, along with a rice accompaniment. It is an 'all you can eat' concept and therefore you can return as many times as you like to the buffet.

The Oriental Wok Buffet price also includes a dessert and the choice of fresh fruit available is truly amazing and equally as exotic. Some of the choices are papaw, melon, bananas and mango. Mouth watering and very refreshing after all that food!

The Green Mamba's sauces are well renown and indeed they say the secret to their success belongs with these. There are a wide variety of sauces to choose from and these can be mixed as recommended. Mam Effie's Special Seasoning is particularly hot and is for those seafood lovers amongst us, consisting of spicy ginger in a lime marinade with onions, garlic and local chilli (kani).

Whatever your choice of sauce, you will be sure to enjoy the delights that the Green Mamba has to offer.

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