GTS Bar and Restaurant

The GTS Bar and Restaurant in Kololi is not only known for excellent food at reasonable prices, it is also known for how it different in origin it is to other venues. The GTS Bar and Restaurant was originally established in January 2003 after the demolition of the original Dardeema (which translated means Nice Price). It is a charitable organisation, the Gambia Tourist Support; whereby money raised is used to sponsor education or develop work opportunities for Gambians. The aim of the charity is to avoid reliance on charity handouts and for all projects it embarks upon to be fully self sufficient. So a visit to the GTS Bar and Restaurant will not only enable you to experience the local foods on offer at great prices, but also gives you the added bonus of knowing that you have helped to support the local Gambians.

If you are travelling to the GTS Bar and Restaurant, it can easily be found in the Kololi area. It is the last restaurant on the way to Bijilo Forest Park and the first one on the way back!

The menu consists largely of real Gambian cookery with an African flare, but it is also aimed at tourist's tastes. This makes for exceptional, good value food. The menu has lots of choice with specials designed to bring together the best of Gambian ingredients, at the most competitive prices.

This new restaurant is set over 2 floors. It has a round licensed bar and a striking circular rooftop where you can enjoy wonderful, exquisite food overlooking the GTS gardens. There are many works of art on the walls, all by Gambian artists. Adorning the walls is a huge mural depicting an 'African Village' created by the well known Gambian artist, Lamin Fatty.

Opening times range from around 9.30am and it serves freshly prepared and cooked food all day. For members, (you can subscribe to the GTS Members Forum, either as an individual or as a group) there are special treats. You can even go along with staff members to buy produce and help prepare the food. All produce is sourced locally; this includes the fresh beef, fish and a wide variety of differently sized prawns and lobsters. Chickens however, due to the large number required, are not sourced locally. As a mark of respect to the Gambian people and in order not to offend their staff, the GTS Bar and Restaurant do not include any pork products in their recipes. The menu is no less extensive for the lack of this.

Soft drinks and alcohol are available. Julbrew is the Gambian beer brewed in Banjul, the capital, by the only brewery in Gambia. They also bottle the soft drinks that are available on this menu.

As you would expect, the GTS Bar and Restaurant takes on a completely different atmosphere at night. Aesthetic lighting provides a pleasant, warm inviting glow and the bright, outside lights illuminate the unique circular rooftop restaurant area in a spectacular fashion.

There is entertainment available free of charge every evening in the GTS Bar and Restaurant gardens. However, Thursday nights are extra special. The entertainment generally starts at around 8pm and is set on the stage at the side of the restaurant - here 'Kabbimbang' regularly demonstrates the Gambian culture of music and drama. A truly unique experience not to be missed. Once the show is over, there is a disco, which usually commences around 10pm until late. On Wednesday and Sundays an excellent Jola dance group is on site to entertain visitors.

The GTS Bar and Restaurant, has a well established local reputation and as a result, fills up most nights very quickly. As all the meals are freshly prepared to order and the menu is vast, expect to wait anything up to half an hour for your food to be served. Bear in mind that quality food at exceptional prices is well worth the wait.

Relaxing and yet invigorating, this venue has the perfect ambience for enjoying a pleasant drink and fantastic food in good company. The atmosphere is very friendly and the GTS Bar and Restaurant has a distinctive 'buzz.'

The restaurant boasts four chefs, three kitchen helpers and five waiters, along with one toilet attendant and one full time maid, all of whom are Gambians. In essence, the GTS Bar and Restaurant are helping to support the local Kololi economy whilst providing excellent, innovative food at excellent prices.

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