Sunset Cafe and Grill

The Sunset Cafe & Grill is a well regarded restaurant located within the Sunset Beach Hotel in the Gambia, Western Africa. This is a stunning hotel that has only recently been renovated. The hotel is situated on Kotu Steam road in the beautiful town of Kotu. This area is famous for its picturesque scenery and relaxed way of life and is hence visited by a large number of tourists each year seeking to unwind in the Gambian paradise. The location of the Sunset Cafe & Grill is second to none and sits almost directly on the beach. This makes it the ideal place to sit and relax whilst enjoying the sun's rays after a day's sightseeing.

Family run and friendly, the Sunset Cafe & Grill retains a welcoming, informal atmosphere where you cannot fail to feel at home. The restaurant actually consists of two separate rooms. The largest is an air conditioned dining room that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. This is the perfect, relaxed setting after a long day and also a very romantic destination - the views are particularly lovely especially at around sunset.

The Sunset Cafe and Grill is one of the highlights of the well liked hotel. You do not have to be a guest to sample the delights the restaurant has to offer. It is located close to the beach so you can look out at the scenery while eating and enjoying your food. The restaurant is open to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast consists of freshly squeezed juices including the famous Wonjoh juice made from the Sorel plant. This juice is known for its health properties and will awaken and rejuvenate you ready to start the day. Other breakfast food includes local fruits, cereal and yoghurt and there are also hot breakfasts available that include popular items such as bacon, eggs and sausages.

Lunch is amongst the best you can find in the Gambia. Food preparation is the responsibility of the hotel's top chef and each day they prepare a speciality from the West African region. This means you can taste many top African delicacies including Fish Benachin and Chicken Yassa. If you would like to stick with what you know, mouth watering pizzas and sandwiches are also served.

Dinner at the Sunset Cafe & Grill is also served to a very high standard. Meals include Gambian Prawns, Fish Specials, Vegetable Lasagne and the famous Sunburger. Each week there are three themed buffets, including an African Buffet with traditional dishes from the Gambia and Western Africa. There is also a Seafood Buffet offering fresh seafood caught that day. Finally, there is a popular International Buffet that consists of top dishes from across the globe including Chinese, Italian, British, American and Moroccan. Each day the restaurant offers a different dessert that in the past has featured Profiteroles and traditional African Wonjoh cake.

Cool, refreshing drinks are served throughout the day at the Sunset Cafe & Grill. The restaurant's friendly bartenders work hard to provide you with some of the best cocktails in the Gambia. You are even invited to make your very own cocktail with the help of the staff if you need it.

Relaxed surroundings complement the superb food at the Sunset Cafe & Grill, this is a typical feature of African restaurants. They have a big screen installed so you can watch the latest in sports and entertainment whilst you eat, so you won't miss out on any sporting fixtures whilst on holiday. The people at the restaurant are extremely friendly, making the Sunset Cafe & Grill a great place to meet new friends and other holiday-makers.

The Sunset Cafe & Grill has received some excellent reviews from professional restaurateurs and regular visitors. It exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere and you will find a delicious selection of food served daily. The themed nights are always very popular, in particular the mouth-watering, fresh Seafood Buffet.

In summary, the Sunset Cafe & Grill is a fantastic restaurant with some of the most delicious food in all of the Gambia. The African specialities are not to be missed and the regular themed buffets are definitely a highlight of a visit to the area. Staff are friendly and accommodating and the facilities can only be described as excellent. The setting of the restaurant could not be better and the large windows overlooking the beach and Atlantic Ocean make the perfect setting for any romantic meal. Food at this restaurant is relatively inexpensive considering its quality, making the Sunset Cafe & Grill good value and undoubtedly worth a visit.

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