Sunshine Beach Bar & Restaurant

The Sunshine Beach Bar and Restaurant can be found on the beach at Cape Point. It serves a range of traditional Gambian and Western food. Cape Point is in the Bakau area of The Gambia known for its sandy beaches and blue seas. The beaches in the area are relatively peaceful although busier with locals at the weekend and the area is a well-established resort area with plenty of low-rise hotels beach bars and restaurants. You will also find a bureau de change in this area opposite the Cape Point Hotel and a craft market where you can purchase all kinds of local art and crafts for yourself as a reminder of your holiday or for your friends and family as souvenirs.

Traditional Gambian dishes are mostly served with rice and include lots of spicy meat stews, sometimes you will find rice substituted with couscous, cassava or steamed millet. Most Gambian dishes include a peanut butter paste as the base of the dish and this paste is called Domoda. Okra or ladies fingers, is also very popular and there is a well-known local dish called Supakanja which is basically an okra stew. Other much-loved traditional Gambian dishes include Benachin, which is a meaty stew served with rice and Yassa, which is chicken, fried in onions. Lunch is often considered to be the most important meal of the day to the locals. Fish, beef, lamb, chicken and goat are all on the menu but not pork as 90 per cent of Gambians are Muslims. Breakfast for most Gambians would be bread and butter or bread and jam and you will often see 'continental' type breakfasts on the menu of the restaurants. The ubiquitous full English breakfast has found its way to the Gambia and in certain places you will occassionaly find it on the menu!

The Sunshine Beach Bar and Restaurant is within walking distance of The Gambian capital Banjul Banjul was formally called Bathurst. It is the administrative capital also and where you will find the government of the country. The headquarters of both the fishing and the peanut industries are also to be found in Banjul and these are two of The Gambia's most important produce. The harbour is a beautiful, traditional fishing port where you can watch the fishermen going about their daily lives or admire the brightly coloured fishing vessels. You will also find the African Heritage museum in Banjul where the art and photography of various local artists is featured it is definitely worth a visit if you have the time. Visitors can even invest in their own piece of unique African art and thereby contribute to the support of local artists and also the museum.

The Banjul market is well known and well worth a visit before or after your visit to The Sunshine Beach Bar and Restaurant. The market is called Albert Market and it is a great place to browse and soak up the atmosphere, but be sure to have plenty of water with you to sip to keep yourself from dehydrating as you walk around. Here you will find all kinds of local crafts it really is a shoppers' paradise. You will find tie-dye clothing and wall hangings, batiks and all kinds of jewellery from silver crafted items to hand made wooden jewellery. There are plenty of leather goods on offer too including bags, belts, shoes and sandals - all handmade and original. It is not only gifts and souvenir items available to buy at Albert Market either, here you can pick up lots of local fresh produce including regional fruits and vegetables which taste one hundred times better when they are as fresh from the ground or vine as they are here! At Albert Market you will find lots of bargains, you can buy things here that would cost you a lot more in Europe. Haggling is the norm in the Gambia so be prepared to bargain and it is recommended that you barter down the original asking price by at least 50 per cent.

The Sunshine Beach Bar and Restaurant is also within walking distance of Bakau which is famous for its Katchikali Crocodile Reserve. The crocodile pool here is sacred to the local tribe of the Mandinka people. They believe that bathing in the crocodile infested waters will cure infertility although this is not something local guides recommend! The Bakau area also is home to a busy craft market where you will find batiks, cotton clothing in the Gambian style and other wooden and silver handcrafted items.

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