Places to visit in Gambia

Places in Gambia to Visit

You are settled into your hotel in Gambia, you have chosen the perfect resort for your first holiday in gambia (or if you are really lucky a returning holiday) and now you want to start your Gambian adventure and see what this beautiful african country has to offer.

We have brought together a selection of the best places to visit in Gambia. Use the links on the right to read through these adventures.

From the world heritage site of Fort James Island and the six gun battery through to Gambias largest wildlife reserve in Kiang West National Park there are enough places of interest to keep even the most seasoned travellers entertained, educated and amused.

Places of Interest in Gambia

  1. Fort James Island
  2. Albreda
  3. Tendaba
  4. Baboon Island
  5. Barra Point
  6. Karantaba Tenda
  7. Kuntaur
  8. Farafenni
  9. Serrenkunda
  10. Wassu
  11. Basse Santa Su
  12. Janjangbureh
  13. Juffure
  14. Kiang West National Park

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